For a budding tattoo artist, a wireless tattoo machine is a must-have. Tattoos have been in trend for ages and their popularity only keeps growing. For some people tattoo, art has become synonymous with therapy and a wireless tattoo machine aids in that. 

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With the art of tattooing becoming a mainstream profession, more and more people are trying to become tattoo artists. But where to begin from, which machine to buy, what ink to use, and which needles are ideal? These are some common questions that plague the mind of budding tattoo artists. 

This article will help you understand the very basic tool needed for starting your career as a tattoo artist- a tattoo pen machine. We will discuss 7+ wireless tattoo pens so you can make a better decision as to which one would suit your style the best.

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1. Mummy Wireless Tattoo Machine

This rotary tattoo machine has a 1800mAh battery and is available in 4 different colors- red, black, green, and silver. This rotary pen tattoo machine is the best choice if you want to work more conveniently as it is super easy to use. The powerful and long-lasting battery completely charges in just 2 hours, after that it can work for almost 5-8 hours.

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It also has a customized mummy motor which provides high speed and power. It makes close to no noise and remains stable while you are working with it. The wireless tattoo pen operates with precision which is the most important factor when considering a tattoo pen.


  • This tattoo rotary pen is easy to adjust and the battery life is quite long too.


  • Some users complained that it stopped working after making 8-10 tattoos.

2. Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Machine

This rotary tattoo pen is available in many vibrant colors and has a metallic body. The mast wireless tattoo machine is a compact tattoo machine with a 25 mm grip that is convenient to carry and store. This tattoo machine pen is powered by a Japanese coreless motor that can last up to 3,000 hours. 

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This rotary tattoo machine features a basic, traditional design that is ideal for fine line work, black and grey shading, and solid color packing. It is also lightweight and works softly on the skin because of its Innovation special mechanism.


  • This tattoo rotary machine is wireless and thus it is super easy to use and is well balanced.


  • The stroke of this wireless rotary tattoo machine is very short.

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3. Saikoya Wireless Tattoo Machine

This one is another very easy-to-use and convenient pen-style tattoo machine that is made up of an aluminum alloy. It also has a strong motor and a highly developed gear system. The most distinctive and special feature of this wireless tattoo machine pen is the digital LCD that lets you see and record the voltage and the time you spent working.

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The voltage range is between 5 V to 12 V, with a speed of up to 12000 rpm thanks to the built-in stronger coreless motor. The voltage is adjustable too. The needle can spring back, and the stroke length can be up to 3.5 millimeters. The battery capacity is 1950 mAh. It needs only 2 hours to fully charge and can work for up to 8 hours, making it ideal for long-term tattooing and consistent production. 


  • It is very lightweight and portable. It is also compatible with most power supplies.


  • There are no extra batteries provided with this product.

4. Ambition Ninja Wireless Tattoo Machine

This wireless tattoo pen machine has a very sleek and modern look. The Ambition Ninja rotating battery tattoo pen machine is CNC carved from an aluminum alloy frame. It is simple to detach and disassemble. It’s also simple to keep up with.

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The machine’s diameter is 34 mm. It comes in two variations- long and short, each with a different length. The tattoo machine wireless has a Japan Corless Motor. This tattoo wireless power supply has a direct drive system, which increases the machine’s power, reduces vibration, reduces skin loss, speeds up coloring, and keeps the machine cool for long periods. It requires about 2 hours to fully charge and after that, it can work continuously for 7 hours.


  • The wireless power supply tattoo machine works well and has few vibrations.


  • It is a not value for money product and breaks easily.

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5. Ambition Soldier Wireless Tattoo Machine

This wireless rotary tattoo pen is perfect for both professional and beginner tattoo artists. The rotary machine tattoo pen is comprised of an aluminum alloy frame that has been CNC cut. It is also detachable in its entirety, making it simple to remove and maintain replacement parts. 

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It comes with a built-in Japan Corless motor that prevents skin loss and enables fast coloring. Long-term tattoo work is supported by a powerful and long-lasting battery, which maintains a consistent output. It can work for 5-6 hours on an 8 V output voltage, and it only takes 1.5-2 hours to fully charge. What’s more, the battery can be changed at any time. The tattoo pen wireless works with all types of cartridge needles, and the direct derive mechanism makes the tattoo machine better for liner and shading.


  • It is a not value for money product and breaks easily.


  • Customers reported that this machine breaks cartridges.

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6. Mast Lancer Wireless Tattoo Machine

The wireless pen tattoo machine is capable of working for almost 8-12 hours because of its powerful battery. The Lancer pen machine contains an LED panel that displays operational voltage and 0.1 v voltage changes, as well as a 1900 mAh battery. 

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The material used for this tattoo machine is anodized aircraft aluminum. The stroke length is 3.5 mm and the rpm is 12000 at 10 v. You can also adjust the length of the cartridge needle as per your convenience. It comes with two replaceable batteries which can be charged fully in 2 to 3 hours.


  • It works perfectly well even at low battery power.


  • It does not last long.

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7.  Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

The voltage can be simply adjusted on the Mast Archer wireless rotating tattoo pen machine, which features a visible LCD voltage screen. The frame is CNC cut from ordinary aluminum alloy. 

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The body is one piece and may be built by hand. It is possible to cover and protect it seamlessly and painlessly. The Archer wireless pen is employed with a custom Mast coreless motor that gives 12V-10500 rpm. This unique motor requires little maintenance, has a smooth speed shift, and has nearly no vibration. The battery makes it last for 8 hours. It is also compatible with a variety of cartridges.


  • The tattoo pen machine wireless is lightweight and provides a comfortable grip.


  • The throw cannot be adjusted much.

8. Discover Device Wireless Tattoo Machine

This rotary tattoo machine wireless is perfect for all kinds of tattoo styles and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The distinguishing feature of this product is the DISCOVER-DF which lets the user switch and choose between seven different stroke lengths.

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It is extremely easy to change the stroke length too as it can be done just by turning the knob clockwise or anticlockwise. The RCA rocket ensures stability. 


  • The ability to change stroke length is extremely helpful.


  • However, the machine works slower when you are using the discover-DF feature.

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Tattoos are super cool and being a tattoo artist even cooler than that. With these amazing wireless tattoo machines available in the market you do not have to wait any longer to explore your creative side and start your tattooing journey.

 All of these machines are wireless which makes it very convenient for you to use them. Moreover, these are perfect for both professionals and beginners. In this article, the following wireless tattoo machines were discussed-

1. Mummy Wireless Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine Rotary Pen

2. Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

3. Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen Kit with Digital LCD Display

4. Ambition Ninja Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Battery Cartridge Pen

5. Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine

6. Mast Lancer Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

7.  Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen

8. Tattoo Machine Pen Adjustable Stroke Length Pro Tattoo Cartridge Machine

While all of these are amazing options, the Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen Kit with Digital LCD Display is the best one. This is because it works excellently and delivers on every promise that it is advertised. It is lightweight, convenient, and perfect for all tattoo styles. So what are you waiting for, go and order your favorite tattoo machine right now!

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

The voltage can be simply adjusted on the Mast Archer wireless rotating tattoo pen machine, which features a visible LCD voltage screen. The frame is CNC cut from ordinary aluminum alloy

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