Wall wine racks are like a blessing in disguise as they have multiple advantages, they not just provide a modern and chic look to a house but are also compact and provide the perfect solution to space constraints.

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Lack of space is a problem, especially in urban apartment complexes and a wall-mounted wine rack is the perfect solution to ensure that a lot of space is not consumed while simultaneously providing wine lovers with the ability to store it.

Wall Wine Rack

In this article, we will explore the best and most stylish wine racks in the market, and to that end we will first discuss about the Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves.

1. Mkono Wall Wine Rack Mounted

Mkono’s wall mounted wine shelves are 17 inches in length and it is easily noticeable that the product is trendy and stylish, and it can be hung anywhere in the house. The compact size ensures that it is hassle free to move it from one place to another. The sellers also offer a variety of color options to choose from and there is no need question about the sturdiness of the product either which makes it an even more attractive option.

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The wine rack shelf is also cost effective and it will provide an elegant touch to your house at an affordable price. The wall mounted wine rack with glass holder is perfect for holding glasses as well.


  • Stable and strong enough to hold multiple bottles
  • The wooden wine rack adds a dash of sophistication to the house
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • There are concerns pertaining to the quality of the metal and the screws
  • The wood is a bit light in texture

2. Sorbus Wall Wine Rack Stemware Glass

Sorbus wine bottle glass rack and it is the perfect wine rack for walls as it can store a number of bottles and glasses with ease and therefore it is flexible and it can be useful for pretty much any event which makes it a great option. This wall wine shelf would be the perfect addition to any home with its strength and is definitely worth the money, the rack is also structured in such a way that it requires minimal space and it is about 23 inches in length. And of course, it provides great quality.

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It is a modern wine rack perfectly suited for the 21st century household and the key factor which gives Sorbus wine bottle glass rack its edge is that it can also be used to store a wide array of other kitchenware as well.


  • Can be installed with ease
  • The quality is great in relation to its cost
  • Storage capacity is high


  • Hex screws are not provided with the product

3. Wall Wine Rack Mounted with Shelf for 8 Wine Bottles

The Wall mounted wine rack by Helya design is another space saving, yet handy models of wine racks that are available. The product is highly functional and the fact that it is a vertical wine rack serves testament to the brand’s claim that it is space saving. The product is 16.6 inches in length and 18.75 inches in height.

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It can hold up to 8 wine bottles as well as an additional 8 wine glasses and the fact that it is easy to assemble makes it a very attractive choice and would be a great gift for wine lovers and all of this is at a cost of just 36 dollars. The availability of cell phone accessible instructions for assembly makes the strenuous task of assembling the shelf much easier and the spacing in the wine holder rack makes it possible to fit glasses of all shapes.


  • Easy to assemble, especially for those who prefer video tutorials for assembling
  • Looks stunning and adds sophistication
  • Can also be used as a shelf to keep plants and other items.


  • It is somewhat smaller than the other options

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4. Mounted Wooden Wall Wine Rack by DCIGNA

There are a wide range of brands marketing wine racks in the market and while the overall features of the brands that we are discussing is similar, there are some differences when we delve into the product specifications. And the DCIGNA wall mounted wine rack is 40 inches in length, which is much greater than that of the other brands we have looked at, this makes sure that the handling capacity of the product itself is quite high and can serve a number of purposes as well.

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The wood wine rack is available in red wine colour and whether one intends to keep it in their wine cellar or in their dining area, it is perfect anywhere.


  • Sturdy and Functional
  • Easy Installation
  • Looks stunning


  • Relatively expensive
  • Need to buy own anchor kit

5. Wall Wine Rack by Sorbus

Sorbus wall mount wine rack is another of Sorbus’s modern wall wine racks. It is 10.25 inches wide long and 25 inches tall and is black in colour. It can be noted that it offers ample storage capacity with its ability to store up to 9 bottles of wine. The wine bottle wall rack is a great solution to meeting space constraints while providing the ability to store the drink and will enhance the overall look of the house by giving it a modern look.

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The product is also durable. The wall mounted wine rack also serves as an efficient glass holder and thus the product comes with a number of benefits.


  • Bottles can be stored in separate compartments
  • Definitely worth the price


  • The mounting screws are small

6. Wall Wine Rack Leather by Walbrook

Walbrook’s wall wine rack is 44 inches in length and has the ability to hold up to 6 bottles of wine. This hanging wine rack is made of leather, which differentiates it from the other brands of wine racks. The rack can be fit either vertically or horizontally. The vertical wine rack also adds a degree of elegance and the leather is also of high quality and has been stitched with care and precision which adds to the beauty and sturdiness of the rack.

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The product also serves multiple uses and can even hold 1 litre bottles and suits the needs and requirements of urban living. There is also another model of the same rack which can hold 3 racks.


  • The leather is strong and classy
  • Neatly organized
  • Saves space


  • Has no cons as such

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7. Wooden Hanging Wall Wine Rack by CRAKTH

Crakth’s wooden rustic wine rack is also a good choice for wine storage and it is 24.5 inches in length and requires assembly. It is made of wood and can hold up to 6 standard 750 ml wine bottles. And it provides a great way to display your wine collection.

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  • It is Durable
  • The look of the product is great


  • There is difficulty in fitting the product

8. Hanging Wall Wine Rack by Bellemark

Bellemark’s wall mounted liquor cabinet is fully assembled therefore it saves one the hassle of having to assemble the product from scratch. The handmade rack can easily store up to 4 bottles of wine and is of good quality with intricate craftsmanship. It is a great choice to showcase your taste in wine and would be a perfect fit for any part of a house and would be a great gift to those close to you.

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The product is 20 inches deep with a width of 17.5 inches making it capable of storing a higher quantity, it is however difficult to store tall bottles.


  • The craftsmanship is exquisite and makes the product an attractive option
  • Adds a rustic vibe while saving space
  • The product is durable


  • The colour is a bit darker than expected


It is possible for us to observe that all the different kinds of wine racks discussed above are of good quality and have a number of great features which make them attractive options. Wine wall cabinets are just what wine lovers need and as such.

All of these options are great and any of these would be a good choice to keep wines organized while adding style and elegance to your house. Upon considering the above options, I believe that Sorbus Wine Bottle Stemware Glass Rack is the best wine rack for homes as it has the best characteristics of the different racks that were discussed as this vertical wine bottle holder is a great buy and is the better option.

Wall Wine Rack Mkono 17 Inch

Mkono’s wall mounted wine shelves are 17 inches in length and it is easily noticeable that the product is trendy and stylish, and it can be hung anywhere in the house

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