Wide-ranging advantages of owning a Sunny rowing machine include its singular capacity to target 85% of your body’s muscles. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that rowing machine workouts are still popular today despite the equipment’s 1870s invention because they enhance posture and tone the lower body.

There have been an increasing number of studios with Sunny rowing machines, group sessions at numerous gyms, and rowing machine purchases for home usage by individuals. It should come as no surprise that the best rowing machines for sale provide a very effective workout that is appropriate for all fitness levels and age groups.

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It can be difficult to choose an exercise regimen, especially if you’re a beginner. You don’t have to climb mountains or go on a grueling run in order to get in shape. A low-impact exercise that is simple to do and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, rowing is a great way to improve your general health. A Sunny health and fitness rowing machine is basically fitness gear that simulates the motion of rowing a boat on water, using every muscle in your body!

Regular aerobic exercise can help you lose weight, have more energy, and have a better immune system. Exercise also causes endorphins to be released, which can enhance your mood and sleep. A row workout machine is an efficient approach to elevate your heart rate and enhance your oxygen intake for an excellent cardio workout because it requires the usage of so many main muscle groups. Most rowers’ adjustable resistance makes it simple to build up to your target heart rate and then gradually lower it back to your resting rate.

Sunny Rowing Machine

Are you looking for the best Sunny rowing machines for home use? Then you should read this article! We’ll explain why these Sunny Fitness rowing machine reviews are important for better understanding and decision making. 

1. Sunny Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Exercise workout rowing Machine provides everything at-home fitness fans might possibly need for an incredible cardiovascular workout. With the eight level tension knob on this magnetic rowing machine, you can easily change the degree of your workout. You can adjust the magnetic resistance with a simple twist, keeping your workout tough and efficient throughout your routine. For added security and a non-slip surface, this rower has big, textured pedals with safety straps. Your performance level may be intense, but this rowing machine’s steadiness will never be compromised.

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  • Wide range of users

This Sunny rowing machine RW5515 is spacious enough to fit a variety of users. Nearly everyone should be able to row fully extended with a footprint of about 7 feet long. Additionally, the foot pedals are big enough to fit all users. The rower’s quiet magnetic resistance is an additional appealing feature. A simple knob provided by Sunny Health & Fitness enables the user to change the intensity while exercising to eight different degrees.


  • Basic console

The console of this rowing machine Sunny made is really basic. There are only a few readouts provided to help you keep track of your training. There is no way to download the data, there are no exercise plans, and there is no way to keep track of your heart rate.

2. Sunny Rowing Machine SF-RW1205

This seated row machine is portable, silent, light, and features 12-levels of resistance adjustment. It is fantastic for beginners or seniors wishing to enjoy a nice, low impact workout every day because of these advantages! Resistance on this Amazon rowing machine is provided by hydraulic pistons. Because a user can turn a knob to raise or reduce the resistance, hydraulic-pistons are referred to as having “adjustable” resistance.


  • Comfortable

The rower also includes extra-large footplates that pivot and have velcro straps that can be adjusted. Any user can do this and feel confident placing their feet anywhere they choose.

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  • Insufficient resistance

For seasoned rowers, it may provide insufficient resistance.

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3. Sunny Rowing Machine SF-RW5639

This machine has a seat that is moderately comfy, its pivoting footrests are large and securely hold your feet in place, and its well-padded grips are simple to grasp. Compared to classic single handle rowers, the full-motion movement of pushing back on individual oars will train your upper back, shoulders, and arms more. Additionally, it is highly sturdy and can hold a user weighing up to 350 lbs.


  • Sturdiness

This sunny row machine is sturdy and it can support a weight of up to 350lbs. It’s easy to assemble too.

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  • Squeaky seat

The seat can make a squeaky sound during work out.

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People Also Ask

Which Sunny Rower is best?

The Sunny rowing machine SF-RW5639 is the best one you can choose. There is a feature called a digital LCD monitor, which is truly amazing. The monitor can keep track of the amount of time, calories, and strokes. Additionally, the monitor offers a scan mode that will move through every data point once every sixty seconds. It is one of the best and most reliable rowing machines one can invest their money in.

What muscles does the Sunny rowing machine work?

Sunny rowing machines can actually build and strengthen your muscles. It helps us tone the lower body and is designed to target multiple muscles, including the thighs, abdomen, and calves.

What brand of rower is at Orange Theory?

They use water rowers. It is a HIIT total-body workout that can be easily done at home or in person.

Is rowing on a machine better than cycling?

Comparatively, rowing machines burn more calories than cycling. Moreover, rowing is a full-body workout. Whereas, cycling mainly focuses heavily on the legs.

4. Sunny Rowing Machine SF-RW5801, Silver

The best compact rowing machine is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 Magnetic Rowing Machine. With 16 different degrees of magnetic tension built into the Synergy Power Motion Magnetic Rowing Machine, a demanding and effective workout is nearly maintenance-free. It has a section for your water bottle or mobile device to view your rowing machine workout video, as well as an easy-to-read monitor that shows your fitness statistics.


  • Secure footing

Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps, non-slip handlebars, a padded seat, and built-in wheels are this row machine benefits.

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  • Doesn’t provide much resistance

This row machine workout might not provide enough resistance for fit people.

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5. Sunny Rowing Machine SF-RW5713 , Black

A rowing machine with water resistance is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5713.

The paddles are spun while hung in the water tank by pushing the handle.The three hydro-blades are composed of stainless steel, and the frame is built of lightweight, durable steel. This ensures that nothing will corrode or degrade over time!

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The water tank is built of the incredibly tough and long-lasting polycarbonate plastic. The tank didn’t leak, break, or have any other problems.

The seat, rollers, handle, and rowing strap were all perceived by users to be built of high-quality materials. Additionally, the SF-RW5713 includes leveling caps so that your rower feels powerful and stable at all times.


  • Comfortable

A molded, cushioned seat is included with this rowing machine gym equipment to offer comfort during extended, strenuous rowing workouts. With dimensions of 10.0 x 12.5 and a height of 17.0 inches, it is plenty big for any user. When getting on and off the rower, folks shouldn’t place additional strain on their knees or back because of the seat’s higher than typical height.


  • No monitor backlight

The monitor of this rowing machine weight loss has no backlight.

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6. Sunny Rowing Machine- SF-RW5606

One of the few “bungee” resistance rowing machines is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5606 Elastic Cord Rowing Machine.

A dual-direction resistance is produced by the elastic tension’s four levels of adjustment.

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This enables greater calorie burning, leaner muscular growth, and reduced impact exercise.

The ergonomic seat is curved for added comfort and to keep you from shifting about excessively when rowing. Additionally, because of its size, a second rowing seat pad may be added for enhanced comfort. Rollers made of premium steel bearing steel are used to move the seat up and down the rail. As a result, there are no jolts or disturbances and the motion is silent and smooth.


  • Noiseless

This rowing machine is ideal for use while watching Netflix, in the early morning, or in an urban setting because the elastic bungee cord creates almost no noise.


  • Low weight capacity

This machine row can support only 220 lbs which is low.

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7. Sunny Rowing Machine SF-RW5622

This machine provides both cardio and resistance exercise in a small, space-saving package.The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5622 Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine, as its name suggests, uses magnetic resistance. Using a magnet and a metal flywheel, magnetic resistance is produced. The magnet is brought closer to the flywheel as the dial is turned to increase the level of difficulty, and the magnetic resistance makes it more difficult to spin the wheel. The knob pulls the magnet away from the flywheel to make the task less challenging.

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  • Smooth resistance

It offers soft, quiet magnetic resistance.


  • Discomfort

Long sessions of this machine row workout can be uncomfortable.

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We would recommend the Sunny Rowing Machine SF-RW5639. A digital LCD monitor feature of the full motion rowing machine. The monitor can keep track of the amount of time, calories, and strokes. Additionally, the monitor offers a “Scan” mode that will cycle through every data point once every six seconds. The monitor can also be set to start counting down from a specific time, number, or calorie, and beep when it is finished.

You would your fitness journey with any of the above reviewed machines so get yours!

Sunny Rowing Machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a rowing machine as good as a treadmill?

Rowing and treadmills are both amazing options for increasing your heart rate or burning fat. But rowing is a better choice as it promotes all-around fitness, whereas the treadmill is only preferred when you want to lose weight.

Is a magnetic or fan rower better?

If you want a rowing machine for your home that is more high-tech or has the ability to control resistance level, a magnetic rower is better. And if you want a very basic machine with an unlimited resistance level, then a fan rower is a great fit and the best option.

How much does a good rowing machine cost?

A good rowing machine can cost you between $60000 TS and $90000 RS.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205

This seated row machine is portable, silent, light, and features 12-levels of resistance adjustment. It is fantastic for beginners or seniors wishing to enjoy a nice, low impact workout every day because of these advantages! Resistance on this Amazon rowing machine is provided by hydraulic pistons. Because a user can turn a knob to raise or reduce the resistance, hydraulic-pistons are referred to as having “adjustable” resistance.

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