If you love hunting, you surely know what a tree stand is, and if you love a good treestand while you are hunting, you surely also have heard about the Summit Treestand. Summit Treestand has been one of the most popular tree stands company in the world.

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Summit, is a division of PRADCO (Plastic Research and Development Corporation) which manufactures sporting and athletic goods all over the United States. Summit Treestand understands how difficult and tiring the hunting work can be and with that if you have a tree stand which is squeaky, uncomfortable and breakable, it will always be a hindrance to your work. So that’s why Summit has always researched and try to give its best products out for their customers by ensuring comfort and safety throughout their customers  hunting experience.

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So now if you want to buy the perfect treestand for your perfect hunting experience, we will now recommend you with some of the best summit treestand for portable comfort in United States. 

1.Summit Treestand – Universal Seat

Summit Treestand’s Universal Seat Mossy Oak Camo is a product which over the years has been one of the more reliable products of the company with its design and engineering exceeding the standards set by the Tree Stands Manufactures Association. 

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Its silent, secure, comfortable and built to last feature has quickly made this product a fan favorite in the treestand industry.

Its Mossy Oak camo and four rubber coated quick change buckles has also really been appreciated with reviews like “The comfort and camo in this thing is almost perfect! Recommending this for everyone!” and another writing, “I should have bought this product earlier, its removable seat function and its four-rubber coated buckles has really been the gamechangers for me”.

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2.Summit Treestand – Openshot

Summit’s Openshot SD Climbing Treestand is designed for hunters who are fearless, daring and adventurous in their own way and those who would not be scared to pack into the deepest of woods for their greatest hunting experience. 

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Weighing in at about only 15 pounds, this portable tree stand can hold up to 300lbs of human weight and also an open front all direction visibility for the hunter. With a foam seat pad feature, this tree stand provides you with comfort as well as safety by giving a complete 4-point safety harness, rapid climb stirrups, pads, hardware, ropes and strap. It also includes written instructions and a safety/instructional DVD with it.

Summit Treestand’s Openshot SD has also been receiving some positive reviews, with one reviewer writing “This stand fits the bill for my needs. It’s about as mobile as you can get for a climber without spending the extra money for something like a Lone wolf climber” and another one writing “I’m giving it 5 stars because I have used the same stand from a friend. It is light and easy to take in and out of the woods. I shot 2 does in one sitting out of this stand! It’s a good quality stand that I’m sure will last for many seasons.”

3.Summit Treestand – Mini Viper

Summit’s Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand is being a well-known tree stand quite lately for its all-round climbing ability and its balance of room, weight, comfort and features. As an easy to carry portable gadget this summit viper tree stands which has the ability to hold the weight of up to 300lbs. 

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With a tree diameter range of about 8”- 20”, Mini Viper Treestand has the ability to almost climb and fit over any tree possible. It also has a closed -front aluminum climbing stand with a suspended foam padded seat with backrest which can be raised for bow hunting and can also be lowered for hunting with a gun.

Additional features like full body fall arrest harness system, a Four-point FAS (harness) with safety strap, two coated steel climbing cables and a solid front bar for climbing and gun rest, have all added up to the reason why this has been one of the hottest properties in Treestand industry in US.

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4.Summit Treestand – Goliath

Summit’s Goliath SD Climbing Treestand has remained an old favorite among our adventurous and daring hunters for many years because of its comfort engineered design similar to the VIPER SD but with a wider top, allowing the hunters to have a little more room to move.

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With the weight of only 25lbs, this portable tree stand has the ability to hold up to 350lbs of weight and includes a full body fall arrest harness system with all the necessary hardware. This Goliath Treestand comes up with a Mossy Oak Break Up infinity camo finish and a closed-front aluminum climbing stand making it one of the most stylish and durable of Summit’s.

But if you are still not convince that you want to buy this or not, this enthusiastic review by one customer will surely change your mind where they write “Wow. I’m spoiled by this thing. First off, it’s solid. I never once felt unsafe when climbing with it and my fall arrestor. The foot clamps on the bottom are new to me, and they’re awesome.  The seat has a backrest.  Add in the footrest and you’re even more spoiled. As far as functionality, there’s plenty of clearance and maneuverability with my bow.”

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5.Summit Treestands – Viper

Summit’s Viper SD Climbing Treestand is the most popular treestand in the summit lineup. From its lightweight and strong aluminum build to its padded backpack straps, this stand is the perfect choice for all you hardcore and adventurous hunters. With a closed front aluminum climbing stand weighing only 18lbs making it portable and easy to carry, it can also hold up to 300lbs amount of weight. 

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 This stand features an aluminum frame with Dead Metal Sound Deadening Technology for greater effectiveness. A foam seat with backrest and arm pads ensures you stay comfortable while you wait for your game, including a full body fall arrest  harness system (FAS) and all your other necessary hardware

The Viper like it’s name is a treestand which will make your hunting skills more lethal and agile just like a viper! With over 1600+ reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.8/5.0, this surely is a product you just can’t ignore if you love hunting!

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6.Summit Treestands – Dual Axis Hang

Summit’s Dual Axis Hang on Treestand is specially designed for our skilled bow hunters in the US. With its lightweight, aluminum hang on and patent seat locks for comfort and security it is quite a comfortable and convenient stand despite the size. 

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With its dual axis support it has the ability to hold up to 300 pounds and tree fitting of  8-20 inches in diameter. For an all day comfort, Summit has also provided us with a breathable mesh seat which can also fold up offering standing hunters a comfortable pommel seat.

It also features Summit’s DeadMetal Sound Dampening Technology, which fills critical parts of the stand with a custom-engineered expanding foam that deadens sound. Quality of life improvements include the quick-attach strap for fast, easy installation in the tree, as well as adjustable backpack straps for easy transport.

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After introducing you to some of the best tree stands in the Summit Community, in the end we would like to encourage you to choose what’s best for you. Sometime you can order a tree stand which is expensive and popular but somehow it may not be of the comfort and size you want in a treestand, so choose wisely (read the article again if you may) and buy only what’s best for you.

summit treestands
Summit Treestand

If you love hunting, you surely know what a tree stand is, and if you love a good treestand while you are hunting, you surely also have heard about the Summit Treestand. Summit Treestand has been one of the most popular tree stands company in the world.

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