Having a nugget ice maker can make life much easier and cooler! 

To begin with, you don’t have to race to the next store anytime you, your friends, or your family want to drink something. When it’s hot out, you can cool off at the pool (or elsewhere) with a glass of your favorite cocktail and some soft nugget ice. 

One of the most popular varieties of ice is nugget ice, sometimes known as sonic ice. It’s ideal for drinks and can even be substituted for ordinary ice in some recipes. Nugget ice makers are an excellent addition to any bar, café, restaurant, or other establishment that serves chilled beverages. There are also nugget ice makers for you if you want the convenience of always having fresh chewable ice on hand at home.  

There are several varieties of nugget ice makers on the market, so knowing what to look for when selecting one is critical.Nugget ice, pellet ice, and sonic ice are small, cylindrical chunks of ice. The Sonic restaurant company is probably the most well-known utilization of nugget ice maker. It has grown in popularity to the point where some people refer to nugget ice as “Sonic” ice.  

nugget icemaker

Because ice nuggets are softer than other varieties of ice, it melts fast in your mouth. Because of its soft, chewable texture, it is also known as ‘chewy ice.’ Nugget ice is popular due to its small size and distinctive shape. It fluctuates in size and consistency from semi-clear to opaque and semi-hard. 

Sonification, which is the process that turns liquid water into ice, is used by sonic ice producers. The majority of soft ice makers employ a system of cold plates and tubes to rapidly freeze water and convert it to nugget ice. Some modern types employ pressurized air or CO2 to force freeze, producing ultra-soft, chewable ice. 

As you might expect, nuggets ice maker aren’t as widespread as normal ice machines, but if you absolutely must have those beautifully chewable crystals in your life, you can purchase both residential and commercial nugget ice makers. 

We’ve included the 5 best nugget ice makers below. We hope that this article will answer all of your ice maker-related inquiries and assist you in locating the ice nugget maker you’ve been looking for! 

1. NewAir Portable Ice Maker

The NewAir Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is a brilliant concept. This machine produces deliciously soft ice pellets quickly when it is operating. With a depth of 17.2 inches and a height of 16.5 inches, this square ice maker requires a little more counter space but is still compact enough to fit under most cabinets. However, the larger footprint has the advantage of having a bigger ice bucket (you won’t have to empty it as frequently) and producing almost twice as much everyday as other inexpensive countertop choices. As it produces a dozen ice cubes in just seven minutes, bigger is better in this situation.  


  • Different sizes of ice 

The nugget ice maker can make  three different sizes of ice. 

  • Not noisy 

It doesn’t make annoying buzzing noises and it can make a reasonably large amount of ice at once. 

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  • Durability  

This device doesn’t last very long. 

2. GE Profile Opal Ice maker

The ge profile opal countertop nugget ice maker was among the first nugget ice machines to actually make dependable nugget ice at home. The current form of this machine makes it tiny, svelte, and suitable for use in any kitchen. It is also quite reasonably priced and comes equipped with some high-tech features, like Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app that lets you schedule fresh ice and check the status of your icemaker from your device.  

You don’t need to connect the side tank of this particular unit to a water line, which is a benefit. The machine will manufacture ice automatically if you fill the tank with water instead. 


  • Chewy ice 

The fact that this nugget ice maker countertop produces ideal chewable ice cannot be disputed. Additionally, it does it rapidly; in no more than 20 minutes, you’ll be able to savor your first batch of ice. The Opal nugget ice maker has a daily capacity of up to 24 pounds of ice production and a maximum storage capacity of 3 pounds. 

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  • Difficult to clean  

It is difficult to clean, and emptying the ice basket frequently is required to stop the ice from melting and refreezing. 

3. Gevi Household Nugget Ice Maker

Ice lovers are aware that ice isn’t simply for beverages. In addition to producing ice with a pleasant crunch, the Gevi countertop nugget ice makers include a few clever functions that are equally enjoyable. With the option to use the provided reservoir or connect a water line for a continuous supply of water, it features a built-in sensor to start or stop the formation of ice. 


  • Self-cleaning program  

Your need for maintenance can be decreased by setting the self-cleaning program to run automatically, and the control panel’s simplicity of this ice maker nugget ice makes it simple to use. 

  • Not noisy 

This nugget ice maker for home emits very little noise.  

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  • Slow 

It doesn’t make ice fast. 

4. Thereye Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Thereye Nugget Ice Maker now puts countertop ice maker nugget ice at your fingertips.  

For anyone who desires consistent, flawlessly shaped nugget ice for drinks, this is a necessity. Our ice maker is designed to easily fit on the countertop of your home, place of business, or recreational vehicle. It has a sleek and contemporary stainless steel housing. 


  • Simple to Use  

This type of nugget ice makers countertop will start to create ice after you plug in and hit the On/Off button, and you’ll have it in 18 minutes.  

  • Portable  

It may be transported about if necessary and fits well on the kitchen surface. 

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  • Too noisy  

This device makes a lot of noise. 

5. Wamife Nugget Ice Maker

This contemporary ice maker creates small, crunchy, chewable nugget or pebble ice that is greater in surface area than flaked or cubed ice to help it melt more slowly in your beverage. Additionally, it won’t actually be diluted while being kept cool, fresh, and delicious for longer. With this device, ice may be produced swiftly and continuously. It’s not an undercounter nugget Ice maker. The ice basket can carry 3.3 pounds of ice at once. 


  • Self cleaning program  

When the Clean button is pressed for 3 seconds, the Self Cleaning feature is activated, beginning a 5-minute cleaning cycle. Also, the two pipes in the back can be used to drain the water. Furthermore, the ice maker will perform a self-cleaning before beginning to manufacture ice each time you turn it on. 

  • Compact design  

It is a small, portable nugget ice maker that may be used in homes, restaurants, or workplaces and seems to offer good value for the money. 

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  • Leakage 

This device has tendencies to leak. 

We would recommend the Gevi Household Nugget Ice Maker with thick Insulation for Home Kitchen RV (Blue). This device is a great buy when it comes to a large ice basket and automated self-cleaning program. It has an infrared sensor to let you know when the basket is full. It comes in a nice design that runs quiet and has thick insulation.  

People who have had nugget ice know that it is unquestionably a better option than the ice cubes we are used to, which are typically rock hard, teeth-cracking, and crunch.  

By cutting the ice into smaller, less cube-like pieces and squeezing the shavings, nugget ice is produced. It offers all the cooling benefits without the ice’s excessive toughness. 

Although you might think why not just get a refrigerator with nugget ice maker,  having a nugget ice machine in your home or even for commercial purposes is much more convenient. 

You can start shopping now that you are more informed about our top nugget ice producers. The process of buying a nugget ice maker doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure to peruse this article well for the top  nugget ice makers available. You can get units with a wide range of features, pricing, and sizes.  

We hope this has been beneficial to you as you look for the ideal nugget ice maker. Please place your order now! 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the difference between pebble ice and sonic ice?

Nugget ice is also known as sonic ice and pebble ice. Both are identical. Sonic is a trademark; nugget ice and pebble ice are terms used for different kinds of ice.

2. What ice maker does Sonic use?

Sonic uses a commercial pellet ice maker to create small, round ice. While others have tried to make Sonic’s unique ice, none of them are able to replicate the taste and texture.

3.Is nugget ice the same as crushed ice?

No, nugget ice and crushed ice are not the same. Nugget ice is made up of layers of flaked ice frozen together and compacted into small nuggets. This process creates pockets of air in the nugget ice and, because of these pockets, the ice becomes more chewy and tasty. Also, the liquid content present in nugget ice is much more than in flaky or crushed ice. This chilled liquid content is present and reduces the hardness, allowing the customers to chew it easily and safely. The very good thing about nugget ice is that it does not melt quickly and stays intact for a longer period of time.

Crushed ice, on the other hand, is made up of larger ice cubes that have been jagged into smaller pieces. They are just crushed ice, made out of frozen water. They are not made up of compacted flakes, don’t absorb liquids, and melt very quickly, so they are not very useful in retaining the flavors of beverages.

4. Why do nugget ice makers cost so much?

Many people think ice is just frozen water, but for ice lovers, nugget ice is the perfect thing. It is famous for its texture and addictive qualities, and it is so tasty and chewy. It has captured the hearts of ice lovers everywhere. Be it a party, or a family get-together, or an event organised at a hotel, mocktails are a very important part and they are incomplete without ice. Because of the demand , nugget ice makers cost so much.

They are costly because of the considerable amount of engineering that goes into them. The solid ice cubes are not made by freezing water, but rather crispy frozen plates are created, which is a very complex process. They turn water to ice in just 15 minutes, which is no less than a wonder. They are a new technology , and all new technologies start with high prices. The demand for nugget ice makers is going up in restaurants, hotels, and even at homes, so the price will rise.

We have already talked about the new and innovative technology these nugget ice makers use, and they are fairly new, so all new things come with added costs, and no other competitor has come along to bring the price down. They are also very soft, chewable, and tasty, not like regular ice, so people are willing to pay a higher price for them.

5.How long does it take Opal to make ice?

The best thing about these ice makers is that they make ice within a few minutes. The Opal ice maker offers the feature of making ice in just 15–30 minutes. It will continue to make ice until the bin is full or it runs out of water. If the water is finished, just add more water. Whoa, how easy.

6.What kind of ice maker do hospitals use?

Most hospitals and clinics use commercial nugget ice machines, also called ice chip makers. These are popular machines in hospitals and cafeterias that use a lot of ice. These hospital ice makers range in size from 50 to 3000 lbs of ice per day. They give nuggets ice to their patients who are not able to swallow fluids.

7.Does Chick Fil A ice taste like Sonic ice?

Chick fil A ice is the same thing as Sonic ice. They are identical, and both are nugget ice. Some people believe that Chick-A-Fil ice is superior in texture than regular ice; it is softer and chewier and soaks up the sweet flavor from the drinks.

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