Are you looking for a metal side table to place beside your bed to hold your favorite book? Or perhaps something very simple to hold the record player or magazines? Then stop looking! It is essential to have a side table by your bedside to keep your books, phone, or glasses so they are easy to access even if you are half asleep or awake.  

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A metal side table with storage would be useful in your living room for storing magazines or simply for aesthetic purposes. There are different varieties for you to pick from. There’s the round metal side table or the narrow metal side table. 


Some people prefer the extra small and plain while others like the ones with complex designs and extra space. All of these tables would serve the intended purpose and selecting the best can be a hassle. 

We have sourced the best metal side tables to meet your needs and specifications in this article. Let’s get right into it! 

Jbikao Metal Side Tables

This modern metal side table comes with a newspaper rack and round corner design for safety. It would fit perfectly beside your bed or the sofa. It would be nice to have your vinyl record player or faux foliage sitting pretty on this black metal side table. 

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Easy to assemble 

  • It includes end table installation drawings. It will take you very little time to set up, which is very convenient. To stabilize the end tables, the height of the foot pads on the soles of the feet can be accurately adjusted. 


  • This metal side table with storage shelf is easy to fold and move from one place to another. You can disassemble, fold and reassemble in a new location without getting a headache.  


  • If you’re a minimalist or you love to keep things simple, this table will do the job.



  • It’s a small-sized table and it’s not very wide. 

Rustown Metal Side Tables

This metal side table set of 2 has a very unique design. It has a wooden top that you can lift to open up the storage space. Getting an indoor or outdoor round metal table, storage space, and interior decor all in one purchase? That sounds like a great buy to me! 

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Unique Design 

  • The lovely round design with the wooden top finish is one-of-a-kind and would complement your home beautifully.


  • The table can be used to store things on top and it comes with storage space to store things inside too. 


  • They are galvanized to prevent and minimize rust so you can use them outdoors too. 


Not sturdy 

  • It has 4 legs but it’s not strong enough. You should not put a lot of things inside or on top of it because it can fall. 

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EKNITEY Metal Side Tables

This is a metal side table for small spaces. It has a removable tray and a simple, long-lasting design. 

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  • It fits in any space. It can be used as a modern sofa side table, a coffee table in the living room, a nightstand in the bedroom, a casual table in the garden or patio, or even an outdoor table or plant stand. 


  • This metal side table is lightweight and easy to carry about. 

Easy to assemble  

  • You can set up and use the table in a couple of minutes. 


Not stable 

  • The table can topple over easily. 

WISOICE – Metal Side Tables  

If you’re looking for a metal side table with drawers then this table would catch your attention. This table has a rustic and antique look to it, with a brown wooden design and black painted metal frame. The traditional color scheme adds to the ambiance of your home. 

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Enough storage space 

  • Double drawers on a side table are extremely practical and provide ample storage space for your favorite things. 

Perfect fit 

  • This table would look good in your living room or bedroom and the size fits just perfectly! 


Requires specific care  

  • The wooden parts of this table have to be cared for. You have to protect them from moisture and liquid stains. You can use this table outdoors. 

Lov4ever Metal Side Tables

This is a small round metal side table that provides aesthetics and storage space to your home. It has fabric covers around the flat top surface and the lower storage space. It provides a fine blend of comfort and aesthetics. 

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Easy to assemble 

  • The table is easy to put together and use. You can also move it about easily. 


  • The anti-rust carbon steel property makes it last longer. 


Very small  

  • It’s a very small table so you would have to manage it properly. 

VASAGLE Metal Side Tables

Your framed pictures would look so good on a metal side table with storage shelf. This table is the perfect height and size to stay right beside the sofa. The wooden top and bottom shelf suspended by 4 sturdy iron bars is simplicity at its best! 

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  • It’s strong enough to accommodate a reasonable amount of load on it

Simple minimalist design  

  • It’ll look great in your bedroom or living room. It can fit into any design theme easily. 



  • The table is short. 

HOOBRO – Metal Side Tables

With two mesh shelves, this can easily pass for the best metal side table with storage space. It’s perfect for your bedside lamps or potted plants. 

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Extra Storage space  

  • It comes with 2 steel mesh shelves to keep things along with the wooden top. 

Easy to assemble and adjust 

  • This table is easy to assemble and adjust In case there’s an imbalance at the feet.  


  • The table has 4 metal legs that are strong enough to accommodate the weight placed on them


Mesh Shelf can bend 

  • The storage mesh shelves can bend if too much weight is placed on them. There’s little to what they can hold. 


We would recommend the Nightstand End Table, WISOICE Side Table with Drawers and Storage Shelf, Wood Night Stand with Metal Frame Modern Bedside Table for Bedroom, Living Room, Easy Assembly, Rustic Brown. 

The sleek and modern design of the metal side table makes it a great addition to any contemporary room. The table’s shape and size allow it to serve as an interesting focal point in your seating arrangements while also reducing clutter in your home thanks to its two storage shelves. 

Side tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are small pieces of furniture that can easily be moved to different locations and used for a variety of purposes, providing a variety of useful services. They are eye-catching wherever they are placed and can be further customized to suit your preferences. I hope this article has been of great assistance to you in your search for the best side table. So go ahead and place your order for the best metal side table for your home. It would be worth it! 

Metal Side Tables

Your framed pictures would look so good on a metal side table with storage shelf. This table is the perfect height and size to stay right beside the sofa. The wooden top and bottom shelf suspended by 4 sturdy iron bars is simplicity at its best! 

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