For any avid baker, purchasing a dependable hand mixer for baking is a no-brainer. These practical kitchen tools provide a more portable and cost-effective way to blend ingredients than stand mixers, but their use takes more effort because you can’t just leave them to it!  

They all have removable beaters for blending batter, whipping cream, and preparing cakes, and some have dough hooks for baking bread. 

Hand-held electric mixers are not only significantly more portable and adaptable than classic stand mixers but are also more inexpensive. A handmixer makes repeated jobs much simpler, whether you’re beating eggs, mashed potatoes, or kneading dough for a dish of handmade delights. 

Hand Mixer

The best hand mixer available today can handle practically any mixing job. Except for the most potent stand mixers, they are designed to perform competitively. They blend, whip, beat, whisk, and knead.  

A nearly universal convenience storage system that attaches to the mixer’s body and holds all the attachments is included with almost all of them. They all have strong motors, multiple speeds, some have power boost features, and most have multi-speed capabilities. All of these qualities are present in the top hand mixer. 

If you’re considering getting a hand held electric mixer keep reading to find out the best hand mixers. 

Top 3 picks:

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1. Cuisinart HM-70 Hand Mixer

One of the best hand held mixer in the market is Cuisinart’s Power Advantage Plus Hand Mixer, which features six settings, a one-touch speed control, and a straightforward on/off button. The seven speeds on this top rated hand mixer range from startlingly quick to calm and steady. Instead of a conventional toggle, you can crank up or down the power by pressing the big buttons on its handle. This hand mixer is small, lightweight, and portable. It is very silent. Beaters, a chef’s whisk, dough hooks, a spatula, and an instruction/recipe book are included with this vintage brand gadget. It includes a reliable snap-on case that securely stores all the accessories and fastens to the appliance. 

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  • Efficiency: It contains stainless steel beaters that are strong enough to whip cream and a 200 watt motor 
  • Easy to use: This hand held kitchen mixer is pretty easy to use. 


  • Doesn’t last long: This hand mixer is not durable. 

2. Lord Eagle Hand Mixer

This portable hand mixer can handle any mixing job, whether it’s cream or cookie dough. It has a 400-watt motor that is strong and has five mixing speeds. The beaters are made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and the ergonomic handle provides the ideal grip. Particularly considering the price, It is a powerful device. If you blend tougher materials, it can move more slowly, but most people won’t notice, and it never stalls. It mixes the ingredients with excellent consistency and texture.  

This electric hand mixer comes with 5 distinct speed settings and a “Turbo” button that, if needed, can be pressed to give a little bit more power without changing the speed setting. If you already use the quickest speed setting, it doesn’t appear to operate, or if it does, the power boost is barely perceptible. If you have the fifth speed option selected, it probably uses all the power it has already. 

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  • Good quality: It is a handheld mixer of good quality although it is intended for domestic use.  
  • Simple to assemble: It has 5 attachments, including 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a balloon for eggs and creams. They may be quickly attached and detached with the push of a button and are composed of stainless steel. 


  • Scratch marks: It can leave discolored scratch marks on your bowl. 

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3. Breville Hand Mixer

The Handy Mix Scraper from Breville is one of the best hand mixers you will ever use. This practical kitchen gadget is capable of handling almost any baking activity because it has an electrical sensor that automatically scrolls between nine settings to ensure constant mixing. 

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  • Not noisy: The two silicone-tipped scraper beaters on this hand mixer for baking, which hit every nook and cranny of the mixing bowl without generating loud sound which is a very significant benefit. They come with two dough hooks, two balloon whisks, and a snap-on case.  
  • Simple to clean: Additionally, they are significantly simpler to clean than conventional beaters. 


  • Bad Silicone beater: The silicone casing of this beater can begin to peel off after a while. 

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4. KitchenAid Hand Mixer

This best rated Hand Mixer has five speed settings, from speed one for blending bulky ingredients gently to speed three for mashed potatoes to speed five for whipping cream and egg whites.  

Its Soft Start feature offers a steady acceleration to prevent splatters and delivers a leisurely start. For convenient use at any angle without the cord getting in the way, the cord may be locked into either side of the mixer. 

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  • No splatters: It has a steady speed that prevents acceleration. 
  • Lightweight and quiet: It’s not heavy and it doesn’t make loud noises. 


  • Wobbly beaters: The beaters are not firmly attached. 

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5. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

At its maximum power, this can pass as the best electric hand mixer. The  Hamilton Beach hand mixer draws 250 watts. This basic hand mixer has some special convenience features for a very affordable price. Standard beaters and a whisk attachment are included, and a snap-on case is provided to protect the attachments with the mixer. It includes six settings and a Quick Burst button for added torque when the batter or dough is difficult to work with. 

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  • Fast: It has 6 speeds to adapt to your baking needs and it can spin very fast. 
  • Bowl rest: You can rest the hand mixer over the bowl thanks to an integrated groove, ensuring that drips land in the bowl rather than all over your surface. 


  • Noisy: When operating, this hand mixer electric is a little noisy. Additionally, the lack of an eject button means that you must remove accessories by hand. 

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6. SHARDOR Hand Mixer

With this mixer hand held, nothing is beyond your power to produce. Adding to a turbo option, it has six additional speed levels. A wire whisk, two dough hooks, two beaters, and five stainless steel accessories are offered to customers. To keep the accessories tidy, there is also an integrated storage bin. 

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  • Easy to use: The style is really user-friendly. It is portable and features a grip that is simple to grasp. The controls for speed, power, and eject are all operated with one thumb. 
  • Super speed: It is one of the best handheld mixer when it comes to speed which is perfect for whipping! 


  • Splatter: This is one of the electric handheld mixers that are so fast that it splatters batter around. 

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7. KitchenAid Hand Mixer KHMB732.

It is the best cordless hand mixer available. It includes 7 speed settings, which is more than typical hand mixers, and a gentle start function that reduces splattering by gradually raising speed rather than turning on at full force.  

The majority of the stuff doesn’t cause it any problems, but heavier materials like thicker doughs cause it some difficulty. Even while it works less efficiently and could shorten the motor’s lifespan, it nonetheless gets the job done. A charger and two dishwasher-safe stainless steel beaters are included with this particular model of hand mixers. 

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  • Quiet: Compared to most hand mixers, it is quieter. 
  • Comfortable: It’s easy to hold this hand mixer in one’s hands. Additionally, it is lighter than you might anticipate. The absence of a cable makes it much more flexible and convenient to operate, especially if you are left-handed. 


  • Battery life: The built-in rechargeable battery is not very strong so it might not work for a long time. It is not suitable for commercial use or to mix tough dough. 

We would recommend the Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer, Silver. The mixing is done well by this hand mixer. It has adequate power. Of course, it lacks a stand mixer’s power, but it still accomplishes the job just well.  

More than other hand mixers, it offers nine different speed settings. With so many speed possibilities, you may actually choose the one that suits each circumstance the best. There is also a power boost button that, whether you are on speed 1 or speed 8, seems to give you the maximum power equivalent to speed 9 rather than just a little bit more power. 

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So if you’re a baker or someone who enjoys baking at home, or you need a device to make your favorite recipes that involve baking, mixing, whipping or mashing then you will need a good hand mixer to do the job. We have done the research for you so you can order your preferred device without worries! 

Hand Mixer
Hand Mixer

The Handy Mix Scraper from Breville is one of the best hand mixers you will ever use. This practical kitchen gadget is capable of handling almost any baking activity because it has an electrical sensor that automatically scrolls between nine settings to ensure constant mixing

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