GAS is a social networking app launched in August 2022. It derives its name from “gassing up” which means complimenting or praising someone in GENZ language. It is specifically designed for young teenagers so that they pass on messages (in the form of votes) to their friends anonymously. It lets the users tell others about what they feel about them in a discreet manner. 

GAS app creates curiosity in a rather fun and refreshing way. An app like this has not been in the market before. It is a unique concept designed by Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner and Dave Schatz. 


2. About The Founders

Three people are behind the formation of GAS app and they are Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner and Dave Schatz. 

Nikita Bier is a very well known and praised application expert in the world. He is owner and designer of another app called “tbh” which was acquired by facebook for 100M dollars. He is in demand because of his creative skills and potential. Due to this he was also offered to work alongside with Elon Musk for Twitter. 

Isaiah Turner is a software engineer and a successful entrepreneur. He is a smart person with immense knowledge in the field of technology and entrepreneurship. He has co-founded popular apps such as Monkey and Poparazzi. He was the one who hacked an app called “Yo” which turned into an internet sensation and garnered a lot of interest. 

Dave Schatz has a lot of experience in web development and software engineering. He has worked in huge establishments. He is a co-founder of “circles for zoom” and “tape”. He is also a venture partner in NextGen Venture Partners. 

3. Overview

Source: https://www.similarweb.com/app/app-store/1641791746/statistics/

4.Company Statistics

GAS app was started by three individuals Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner and Dave Schatz. They started a partnership firm together. These three masterminds are extremely talented in their particular field. The partnership was born in august 2022, hence the financial statistics of the company are not yet released. The common details which are made public is that GAS is a startup with 2-10 employees. It is a private firm in the technology and information industry.

5.GAS Android App Statistics:

It is not available on android smartphones as of now.

6. GAS iOS App Statistics:

GAS is the 2nd most popular app on the Appstore currently. It ranks first in the category of free social networking apps. It is in top 10 in the following categories:

  • Free Apps
  • Free All Categories
  • Free social networking (iPAD)
  • Grossing social networking

The number of downloads of the app is not available in the app store, but according to data given by the company:

  • Till early November 2022 it had 5.1 million downloads. 
  • GAS app has over 1 million active users per day. 
  • Gas has around 300 thousand daily downloads.
  • The app has received almost 230K ratings on the app store and has an average score of 4.6 out of 5. 

Based on the reviews given by the users, the app is futuristic. It is attractive in its own way and has potential to reach great heights.

Following chart shows the position of the app on appstore till Nov 17 2022.

Source: https://www.similarweb.com/app/app-store/1641791746/statistics/#overview

7. Demographics Statistics

Based on age:

GAS is a popular app among high schoolers. This app is mainly used by teenagers ranging from 13-19 years old. The reason for this is, the app is youth friendly. The features and the concept of this app is new to the young generation and this uniqueness is what attracts them the most.

Based on gender:

There is no specific statistic available but after analyzing the reviews given by the users, it can be identified that this app is popular among girls. 

8.  Geographical Statistics

GAS is a new social networking app designed specifically for teenagers and youth. This app is available only in the United States, Canada and Australia as of now. It is not available in any other country. The GAS app is only 3 months old. As it grows, the company can expand globally (geographically) and attract more users. The company is already planning to go nationwide.

9. Subscription model

Gas app allows the users to create anonymous polls and others can vote on those polls. For now, GAS has only 1 subscription model called “God Mode”. This helps the user to get hints for the polls created anonymously. This mode costs 7 dollars a week. After that the subscription expires. 

10. Safety and Privacy: Is the Gas App Anonymous?

Safety is the main concern of the company because it was accused of human-trafficking. There were weird rumors going around on social media about the app being used for human-trafficking purposes. The members then cleared all accusations and proved that the rumors were fake and false.

The privacy of the users is usually at risk especially in new apps, because they try to gain more revenue using advertisements and affiliate marketing. But the GAS app’s main priority is protection of user’s personal information and maintaining high privacy. They do not have in-app advertisements and no affiliate marketing to protect their users. It does not share the user’s personal data with any outsider. 

11. Reason Behind Installing Or Using This App:

GAS is a social networking app. So the main reason why users install it is for entertainment and socializing. As mentioned above the name of the app means to sing praises of someone. This generation is considered to be the most depressed, sad and insecure generation by psychologists. The pandemic and lockdown added fuel to this existing wildfire.

In this tough situation GAS app lets people share good words with each other and I think that there is no greater reason than this. And additionally the great advantage one has while using this app is anonymity. So, one can be anonymous (without revealing anything about yourself) and still be part of a social circle. So there are no judgements, no bias, no bullying and no negative energy. 

Also, this app does not have a chat feature so it’s even better for introverted people who do not have to compel themselves to join unnecessary conversations with unknown or known people. These are a few of the basic reasons why people should use and support this app.

12. Future of GAS App

GAS app is gaining immense support from the public i.e. the youth. It keeps gaining more users and positive reviews which proves that it has great potential of becoming the next big thing. It has a unique concept so we can expect other companies to launch its competitors. We can also expect the existing big players in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, youtube or instagram to incorporate these features in their own apps. 

13. Controversy and Rumor about the app:

Every app has to deal with certain controversies and GAS app was also one of them. It had to suffer from intense backlash due to baseless rumors spread by anonymous people. After the app was launched and people started discovering it, a rumor started to spread on social medias (especially tiktok) that GAS app was involved in human trafficking and sex trafficking. 

People assumed that these rumors occurred because the app asked for personal details such as the user location and their school’s location. The matter got so heated that the news and media channels covered this in their stories. To add onto that, schools and teachers banned students from using it. Their phones were seized and checked to avoid any kind of mishappening. 

Since the matter got this worse, the company had to speak up. They cleared up all allegations regarding the app. They explained their process and cleared up all the misunderstandings about the app. They took legal action against the people who spread the fake rumors. The legal team informed that the rumors emerged from the area where GAS app was unavailable and concluded that the situation was a hoax. 

14. How Does the GAS App Work?

GAS is a very simple app. It is very easy to operate.

After you download the GAS app from the app store, you need to sign in. You need to give your basic details such as name, location, or any other mandatory details that are asked. Next step is to add your school. (Sometimes there is an error in adding the school’s name. Some users had trouble finding their respective schools. So what you can do is – first register using some other school and then once the sign in is complete, you can change the school in settings. This is said to be the most efficient way as of now.)

Once you are in the app, you can answer polls. Through these polls users can earn flames which are like points. If you are curious about who votes for you in the poll, you can receive hints using “God Mode”. You can give and receive positive words through this app. This is how simple it is.

15. Pros & Cons


  1. Connect with others: We discussed already that GAS received its name from a common phrase used by Gen Z -gassing up which means complimenting or praising someone. This app allows the youngsters to connect and compliment each other. This is a demographic based app. The user needs to select the school in which they are enrolled to get started. So in a way, it connects the school mates.
  2. Anonymous: The best feature of this app is its anonymity. The app is all about creating polls and other users voting on those polls. But there is no way of knowing who voted for you. It is completely anonymous. Even in the “God Mode” the user will receive hints about the person who voted for them and not the direct answer. So, this feature 
  3. Mood lifting: Everybody loves receiving and giving compliments. In this fast evolving world, when someone takes a minute to say something good, it makes our day wonderful. This app is basically about “gassing” people up so it obviously lifts others mood and just makes any user happy.
  4. Socializing: This app is the best when it comes to socializing without having to reveal anything about you. It is fun, anonymous and social at the same time.


  1. Extra payments for hints: One of the major disadvantages that users face is the payments for hints. Hints can be availed by only those users who have subscribed to “God Mode”. God mode is available for 7 dollars a week. Many users feel that it is a high amount. Many have suggested that other ways of earning hints should be introduced such as small games or puzzles. Another way can be earning hints as the person advances in levels.

However, seeing it from the point of view of the company, this mode is just as it is their main source of revenue.

  1. One subscription model: Another disappointment that users feel is that there is only one subscription model. This membership lasts for only a week and needs to be updated every week. Some suggest that there should be monthly or yearly plans available.
  2. Addicting: Just like any other social media app, GAS has its own excitement too. We have seen so many cases where youngsters get addicted to social media or games and spend hours and hours on it. They forget to keep track of their time and activities which can highly disturb their life. GAS, due its new concept, has a high probability of becoming an addiction for teenagers.
  3. No chat option: GAS app does not have any chat option. This is in support of their anonymous feature. This can either be an advantage for some people and disadvantage for others. Though it helps people to maintain privacy and stay unknown, it also limits the idea of a social media app. What are your thoughts?

16. Review Of Gas App On Playstore.

The GAS app is not available on playstore currently. 

17.  Review Of Gas App On Appstore.

GAS app is #1 in the category of social networking apps on the Appstore. It is a new app (3  months old as of now) which is gaining immense popularity and that day is not far when it will become one of the best apps on the Appstore. In fact it has the potential to top the social networking app list in future. It has received positive comments and feedback from the users. Everyone who downloaded the app loved it because it has a new concept that sparks curiosity among the users. This app has the potential to grow a lot thanks to all the positive feedback they have received so far. Some of the responses received are:

“I absolutely love the app. It has no ads and doesn’t take forever to load.”

“I literally love this app. It’s such a refreshing way to talk to people.”

“This app is literally so cute.”

“This is basically the modern version of showing your crush a note that says “From Your Secret Admirer”, which I think is pretty cute.”

“This app is a great conversation starter.”

18. Marketing Or Advertising Strategy

GAS app is one of a kind. It is one of those apps which got popular even without proper marketing. The company spent little to no funds on marketing the app. The only method which they diligently followed to advertise this app was through word of mouth. The app spread from one teenager to teenager simply by talking about it.

The main contributor of the advertisement of this app was the controversy it got engaged in. Because of those fake rumors, it got viral on tiktok, it got covered on news and it was talked about in schools. Though the company faced loss due to this hoax, they all benefited from it as it led to its popularity. 

19. Revenue Generated By GAS App:

The partnership because of which GAS came into existence is just 3 months old. Therefore, very limited details are available about its revenue. According to the statistics, GAS app earned 1 million US dollars in October and 2 million US dollars in November (up to date) by means of sales. The cumulative sales for both months amount upto 3 million US dollars. Considering it is a new app with a distinctive concept, this amount is appreciated. 

By looking at its growth, it can be forecasted that the app could soon be among the highest earning apps on appstore.

The following table shows the revenue generated by the company up to date.

PeriodRevenue (dollars)Cumulative Revenue (dollars)
October1 Million1 Million
November2 Million (till now)3 Million

20. App Data Consumption

This app is an online app. Just like any other social networking app it requires data or wifi connection or any other source of internet for the app to load and function. However, there are no complaints by the users regarding more consumption of data. 

21. Does It Take Up More Internal Space?

The size of the GAS app is 93.6 MB. Compared to other social networking sites, this is the average space taken by any app. It does not consume more internal space. The users are satisfied that it does not take a long time to load. 

22. Is GAS A Safe App?

This app is very safe. It does not install any junk file or misleading file. As we discussed, safety of the users is their first priority, hence there are suspicious in-app downloads as well. 

23. Advertisements In GAS App

GAS is an app designed perfectly to protect the privacy of their users. This is the sole reason GAS does not have any ads. This keeps the user data safe and protected from getting sold to brokers or advertisers.

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